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Xbox One: Do you want to load a pre-defined game configuration?You should do that once and for all when you're done to save time next time.HDMI connected to a non-1080p display?We'll do our best to fix it!In-Game Fraps.We've never lost this battle!Also these 3: Star Fox Zero, Just Cause 3 and Diablo III.Remember, this is just a tiny fraction of all our in-game changes, and we have more to add!Easy Gluten Free Pizza Toppings I am trying to make more ‘gluten free’ at home and I keep making the mistake of using gluten free flours and being unsure about what to do with the toppings. I have also been getting pizzas from a few different pizzarias and all of the topping options have some type of gluten in them. So I thought I would give you a few suggestions to add to your pizzas. I have included some of the toppings that are popular at my local pizzeria. If you have a different topping, please add it in the comments below. I may try it next time, even if it is not a topping that I normally have. Cheddar Cheese – The cheese that comes on a lot of the toppings is usually a good choice. They either use a non-fat or reduced fat cheese or you can always just leave it out. Bell peppers – The peppers are very popular at many pizzarias, but they can be high in calories. I just leave them out if that is my option. Olives – The olives are very high in calories, so I either cut them up and place them on the side or I leave them out. Artichokes – The pizza recipes that I use rarely have artichokes on them, but if it is a pizza you are looking for, it is a good option. Peppers – The peppers are high in calories, so again, I usually just leave them out. Basil – The basil is also very high in calories, so I am not a huge fan of this one. Ranch Dressing/ Ranch Dressing/ Ranch Sauce/ Ranch Dip/ Ranch Dressing Mix – The salad dressings and dip mixes can be high in calories, but you can always cut back. Cherry tomatoes – The pizza is often topped with these, so I will often use the tomatoes out of the can




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